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Panel finish – glass

A wall system that uses steel panels grained with safety glass or hardened glass is the highest class solution available on the market. While maintaining all the parameters of the steel system, a perfectly smooth surface is created, resistant to chemical factors, and highly resistant to mechanical factors (especially with the use of hardened glass).


The glass panels have a colour coating on the underside, creating an excellent visual effect. The standard pallet on offer is RAL K-7. Optional pallets: RAL-D2 and NCS.


An additional advantage of using glass is that colour coating can be applied while maintaining the transparency of glass. This enables devices (monitors, clocks, information pictograms) to be used without moving them to the operating block area. Additionally, we offer a technology of capacity sensors that replace conventional switches. All this is done to reduce crevices and hard to reach places to an absolute minimum. Our technology enables punching glass for electric and gas sockets. As in the case of steel system, it is possible to disassemble one element in order to modernise fittings within the wall or fix them in case of breakdown.


In addition to these features, the glass system has another advantage. It is possible to apply decorative motives. Decorative artwork with photographic resolution is placed between the glass and the steel panel. Virtually any images or vector graphics can be used.

Thanks to the decorative elements, the rooms provide a friendlier environment for both staff and patients.