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Doors and door automation

Doors are an extremely important matter when it comes to cleanrooms. Their smooth operation, sealing and reliability are key factors in patients’ safety, related to the maintenance of the heightened microbiological cleanliness areas.

Door panels and door frames are made of brushed steel type EN 1.4301.

We offer solutions covering the full spectrum of requirements, from standard swing and sliding doors, fitted with additional radiological protection and air-tight swing and sliding doors.

We offer:

single and double sliding doors

single and double swing doors


Operating theatre doors can be opened manually or automatically. Automatic doors are opened using an activator, e.g. push rod, push button or proximity sensor. Automatons have power backup option and can be opened manually in case of no power supply.

We offer automatons by leading manufacturers, e.g. GU, Tormax, Geze, as per investors’ indications.