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Cleanroom panel systems

The Pure-IPS panel system is a comprehensive solution that guarantees the highest level of cleanliness, durability and mechanical resistance of wall and ceiling coating for cleanrooms such as:

  • operating theatres,
  • preparatory spaces,
  • corridors, locks and other premises within an operating theatre,
  • cleanrooms within laboratories and pharmaceutical plants,
  • any type of manufacture, where high levels of air purity need to be maintained.

At the basis of the system is a subconstruction wall and ceiling substructure, to which the panels are mounted. The system can be installed both in existing rooms (substructure is then assembled to existing walls) and in new open spaces, where the substructure becomes the partition walls structure.

The wall panels are made of galvanised steel or EN 1.4301 stainless steel grained with safety glass, brushed EN 1.4301 steel or powder coated with added silver ions, which have bacteriostatic properties (silver ions are deposited in the coating – polish – during its manufacture).

The technology used ensures 24 hour protection against bacteria, fungi and mould, including Staphylococcus aureus, which is resistant to methicillin, salmonella, Escherichia coli and legionella.


The vertical corner wall elements (convex and concave) are preassembled in one piece with no joints in the corners.

The panel system is compatible with the latest solutions used in healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry. It has been designed to meet the most demanding standards and our Clients’ expectations. Its tightness enables carrying out gas decontamination of premises.